About me

Picture of David Powell

Well now, firstly thanks so much for visiting my website.

I’d be really interested in helping you work on:

  • public engagement strategies on climate change and nature
  • strategic consultancy on making change happen
  • economic and policy research on all things environmental
  • project management – big and small
  • audio and podcasting

I’ve spent the last 15+ years working on the policy, politics and communication of climate change, natural resources and green economics. I’ve given evidence to Parliamentary Select Committees, public speeches like this one at the London School of Economics, and dressed up in silly costumes. It’s all interesting; it’s all necessary.

I’ve got a broad view of how change happens and how to strategically achieve it. I’ve done deep policy wonkery and lobbied more MPs than you can wave a mace at; I’ve worked on high level strategic communications; I’ve learned with and from grass-roots campaigners; I’ve managed big teams at senior levels. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that any one of those things alone will change the world.

As well as policy, I write about the psychology and grand narratives of humanity vs the natural world, and the stories we tell. Oh, and I co-host, edit and produce a very popular comedy podcast about green double-speak, Sustainababble.

I’m not interested in noise for the sake of noise. We are on the brink of climate collapse not because we haven’t written enough reports but because we haven’t yet made it a central, poetic, powerful story of the kind that can change politics and the world. I can help you cut through that noise.

You can see more about my work and education history on LinkedIn.