Why the North needs a Green New Deal

Angel of the North

Bringing together the ‘levelling up’ and climate agendas makes sense. I wrote for Tribune in 2019: https://tribunemag.co.uk/2019/12/why-the-north-needs-a-green-new-deal There is political consensus on the need to address geographic inequalities in the UK, with the Conservatives calling it ‘levelling up’ and Labour ‘regional rebalancing’. But what they’re missing is that the climate transformation is the perfect opportunity to put this approach into …

Trust in Transition (2019)

How can we build common cause between labour unions and climate campaigners on the future of high-carbon work? I was lead author on a major report from the New Economics Foundation. Trust in Transition was well received by energy unions (for example) – who have historically been disappointed at the lack of empathy and engagement from those whose campaign demands …

Re-energising Manufacturing (2019)

I was lead author on a report commissioned by the Scottish Green Party – what the Scottish Government could do to support more green manufacturing jobs. NEF link: https://neweconomics.org/uploads/files/NEF_Re-energising-manufacturing_Nov.pdf “The Scottish Government should match its aspirations to be a world leader on climate action with more direct support for domestic manufacturing for its future renewables growth. This means acting both …

Climate breakdown: think exponentially

A large field full of solar panels

On the problems of linear thinking – both about climate itself, and how we should respond to it. For NEF: https://neweconomics.org/2019/07/climate-breakdown-think-exponentially (The original name for this piece was ‘Be more virus’, which has been changed retrospectively for obvious reasons.)

Climate change & mild discombobulation

When the parks dried up and it hadn’t rained for over a month, I wrote about how strange it all felt to have it dawn on you that this is climate change. https://medium.com/@powellds/in-praise-of-mild-discombobulation-because-christ-what-else-have-we-got-bb3e7d648fb0 Ecological philosopher Timothy Morton argues that our brains are wired to generally not notice most things until they try to bite us or start behaving a bit strangely. Then …

Weekly Economics Podcast

As well as working there I also turned up on the NEF award-winning podcast a few times, including hosting it once or twice. Including: Summer Climate Breakdown (August 2018) – as guest How do we empower people to take action on climate change (September 2017) – as host Can we save the planet despite Trump? (July 2017) – as guest

Climate breakdown: where is the left?

Forest fires

Things have changed now but in the summer of 2018 the UK left was pretty quiet on climate change. In this challenging piece for NEF, I challenged it do to better. http://neweconomics.org/2018/07/climate-breakdown-where-is-the-left “Progressives get it – intellectually speaking. You’d have to be a bit of a doofus not to. Climate change is clearly a problem. A great big, era-defining, ecology-changing, …

Social care as a local economic solution (2017)

Image of a carer holding the hands of an elderly lady.

What would happen if you thought about social care as a way to revitalise local economies, rather than drain them? In a departure from my usual domain I wrote this report for NEF (2017) in partnership with Localise West Midlands. It was fascinating. A focus on new models of care could be a win-win in difficult times. To be clear: …