Media & Podcasts

I host / co-host and produce my own podcasts – Sustainababble and Your Brain on Climate. And I’ve appeared on a lot of radio, TV and other podcasts.

  • Your Brain On Climate
    My new podcast! Your Brain on Climate: human brains vs the climate crisis. Each episode explores an aspect of basic human psychology – what we think about things like food, conflict, change or grief – with someone who actually knows things (ie, not me). Then I come in, chatting to them in a reasonably ingratiating fashion about what light that …
  • Partly Political Broadcast
    I’ve been a guest on Tiernan Douleb’s Partly Political Broadcast three times now, most recently in September 2020. And jolly good fun it was too. I recommend his show, and if you’re going to start anywhere start with the ones with me in ’em, obv: Episode 202, Everyone’s Problem (2020) – wildfires in America, and reasons to be optimistic despite …
  • Sustainababble
    I’m the producer and co-host of one of the UK’s best loved, silliest, and longest-running podcasts about the planet: Sustainababble. It’s been running since 2015. I set it up with my friend and then-colleague Ol, because we a) liked podcasts b) liked the sound of our own voices and c) wanted to make a programme about doing something about climate …
  • Lecture: what is the case for a Green New Deal? (LSE)
    I gave a public lecture at the London School of Economics (alongside fab campaigner Noga Levy-Rapport) on the Green New Deal – why we need it and what it looks like. (January 2020)
  • Eddie Mair on LBC: Live
    I appeared live on Eddie Mair’s drive time show on LBC to talk about – unfamiliarly for me I must confess – green lifestyle stuff.